Understanding Neutropaenia

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Inspired by my own frustrations understanding the complexity of cancer treatment when I had cancer over thirty years ago, this illustrated booklet is designed to help children and their parents understand the management of chemotherapy induced neutropaenia.

Whilst my booklet is by no means exhaustive on the subject of neutropaenia and its management, I hope it will aid healthcare professionals and parents to explain the causes and importance of careful management of this serious side-effect of myelosuppressive treatments. In addition, I hope downloading and colouring in the black and white version might provide a welcome distraction during what is a particularly challenging time for children and their families.

You can purchase the booklet here via PayPal for £2.49 with thirty percent of profits going to UK children’s cancer charities.

Understanding Neutropaenia

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IMG_0037Every purchase of my brand new interactive booklet includes free access to a black and white version for children to colour-in. Which you can download by clicking on the following link:

(Password) Neutropaenia Colouring Book

To access the document you will need the password provided in the booklet you purchased from iTunes.

Enter the competition

When you have coloured-in the illustrations, why not choose your favourite picture and send a photo or scanned image of it to: drifting@mybracken.com for a chance to win a signed copy of my children’s book ‘Drifting’. Throughout 2019, three of the best coloured illustrations submitted, will receive an autographed, full-colour pre-publication version of the book.