Drawing On Anxiety

Sadly, like many people, I consider myself no stranger to crisis in my life. From dealing with a diagnosis of cancer at the tender age of 24 (when my children were just 8 weeks old and three and a half). To my mother dying suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep aged 54 and then my brother doing the same thing, a few years later when he died suddenly in his sleep at the age of just 48. If that wasn’t enough, my family and I were forced out of our home for 7 months in 2014 as a result of flooding of the River Thames. Then more recently, I have experienced life-altering health issues as a result of the treatment I was given for my cancer more than 30 years ago.

Over the years I have struggled with anxiety and have used drawing as my go to coping strategy which I still turn to today whenever I need help coping. As a result, I occasionally post some of my drawings which don’t necessarily fit into the other pages on my web-site.

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I hope you enjoy my drawings