Communication in cancer – Book

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Thirty percent of profits from sales will go to UK children’s cancer charities.

This e-book also includes an accompanying slide deck and speaker notes to facilitate discussion or training sessions in the iTunes version.

Please note* If you purchase this e-booklet from Amazon rather than iTunes, you will need to click the links below and use the password supplied in your Amazon version to access the accompanying slide deck and presenter notes.

Download slide deck pdf here: Communicating with people newly diagnosed with cancer (Nurses)

Download speaker notes pdf here: Communication Presenter notes

‘The inspiration for this e-booklet has come from my personal experience following a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over thirty years ago and recently when I was diagnosed with radiation damage to my major arteries resulting from the radiation  treatment I received in 1986.

My experiences on both occasions and during my time as an oncology nurse working for the NHS has convinced me that healthcare professionals continue to need help and encouragement to ensure the best support is offered to patients during the particularly demanding period immediately following a cancer related diagnosis.

Since leaving the NHS in 1994, I have continued to work specifically in the field of oncology within the pharmaceutical industry, so I am well aware many advances have been made in cancer management. However, as a member of the public rather than a nurse, I have continued to encounter cancer patients on an all too regular basis as work colleagues, friends and relatives have sadly been diagnosed and fallen victim to many of the shortfalls in the quality of communication I experienced. I hope this booklet will go some way towards reassuring healthcare professionals of the real difference they can make for someone newly diagnosed with cancer.’

Bruce Gilligan (Formerly a person diagnosed with cancer)

You can also purchase a pdf version on this web-site, via PayPal for £2.49

Communications Booklet

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