Adventure Book – Seeing

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‘Seeing’ is a sequel to Bruce’s first children’s book ‘Drifting’ and like its predecessor; it should appeal to both children and parents alike. The story examines the sensitive and sometimes challenging topics of single parenthood and disability.

In a humorous but sensitive manner with the aid of illustrations, ‘Seeing’ follows the challenges a feline mother and her long-suffering daughter face in search of their missing home. As they encounter one obstacle after another, our intrepid duo are forced to address their dysfunctional mother and daughter relationship. During their adventure they learn to appreciate one another’s true value and realise no bond is stronger than a mother’s love for their children.

Join them on their journey of discovery and hold tight while you are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion and adventure. Perhaps it will challenge you to examine your own limitations and values, whilst realising none of us are perfect. I hope you regard ‘Seeing’ as valuable to you!

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All rights reserved Bruce Gilligan, 2019