Adventure Book – Drifting

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Inspired by real life events during flooding in a small leafy village on the banks of the River Thames just outside London. ‘Drifting’ is an incredible story that should appeal to both children and adults alike. It follows the adventures of an ordinary couple who went to extraordinary lengths to protect their beautiful home.

Recent climate changes and the ever-increasing threat of flooding to us all, makes our unlikely adventurers’ story a truly relevant and enlightening experience. As we are taken on their journey of self-discovery and survival we see friendships, both old and new put to the test, as confidence and belief diminish with the challenges they encounter.

In a light-hearted manner with full colour illustrations, the story will inspire and educate children to recognise the true value of friendship and self-belief. As we see how important and rewarding it can be when we trust one another and never lose hope, no matter how bad things get. Reminding us that sometimes hope will be the only thing we have.

Please also take a moment to view the emotive video about the author’s motivation behind writing and illustrating ‘Drifting.’ which might help you make up your mind if it’s for you. I hope you decide to read my book and enjoy ‘Drifting!’ for a while.

You can also buy ‘Drifting’ from Waterstones or via the Austin Macauley web-site and at most good bookstores, including Barnes & Noble in the USA.

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