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Bruce is an author and illustrator who has a varied background. Having started his working-life as an engineer, after a period of ill-health in early adulthood he changed career and went on to train and work as an Oncology Nurse at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London. For the last twenty-four years he has continued to specialise in cancer, including running his own consultancy company for the last ten years.

BG Introductory letter copyRecently, as a result of experiencing mental health issues following the emergence of severe long-term side effects from treatment he himself received for cancer in 1986, Bruce has turned to the self-coping strategy he has used many times in his life, namely drawing.

He has now taken up a new challenge and dedicates all his energies into pursuing his passion for illustrating and writing full time. Early this year ‘Drifting’, his first illustrated adventure book for children was published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. At the end of March 2019, his second book ‘Seeing’ was launched, again by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.

As well as writing and illustrating children’s adventure books, Bruce also continues to share his unique perspective on cancer, having recently self-published two educational e-books for healthcare professionals and patients.

If you are interested in holding a book signing event for Bruce or you would like him to talk about his experiences with severe anxiety and how drawing has helped him cope with it over the years, you can contact him via:

BG HeadTel: +44 (0)7909 974416

Email: drawingonanxiety@mybracken.com


Twitter_Social_Icon_Rounded_Square_Color You can also follow him on twitter @DrawOnAnxiety

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