Another Competition!

WIN a signed, limited edition copy of ‘SEEING’ CLOSED

This is your chance to WIN a very special copy of this wonderful illustrated adventure book! Simply complete the 2 unfinished rhymes in the picture below. Then, send your answers in an email to . It’s as simple as that!

The lucky winner will be announced 12 June 2019.


A picture of the adventure book ‘Seeing’ and a drawing of 2 fox characters from the book. A rhyme explains,
Complete the rhymes,
Follow and retweet.
The prize up for grabs
is ever so neat.

When you think you’re lost,
And you’re far from home.
If someone loves you,
you are (5 letters) (5 letters)!

The odd group of friends,
we’re becoming a team.
The likes of which
had never (4 letters) (4 letters)

You can see more about ‘Seeing’ and find links to where you can buy it here

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