‘Cancer and You’ – Podcasts

Cancer and You podcastsRecently, I was very fortunate to have been invited by Karin Sieger  https://karinsieger.com/karin-sieger/ who is a BACP accredited and registered psychotherapist, writer and podcast host based in London, UK, to take part in her extremely popular ‘Cancer and You’ Podcasts as part of her ‘Cancer Voices’ series.

In the first episode – Learning from others’ Cancer Lessons, I joined other members of the cancer community, Rod Ritchie and Sarah Liyanage to share one main lesson I have learned from having cancer.

Part 1 was aired 19th June 2019 on Peace Within Radio. However, you can hear that podcast and download it here Part 1


In the second episode – Advice for the newly diagnosed, Diane Leopard joined Sara, Rod and me in sharing our advice for someone newly diagnosed with cancer.

Part 2 was aired 26th June 2019. However, you can also hear that podcast and download it from Karin’s website  by clicking here Part 2

I hope you find time to listen to the podcasts and that you find Karin’s web-site as valuable as I do.  https://karinsieger.com/karin-sieger/